Yoga ~ Spiral Stabilization ~ Restorative Breathing™

& Arvigo® Therapy

move ~ breathe ~ thrive


Align your body, mind and heart with nurturing Arvigo® Abdominal Therapy and Fertility Yoga to support natural or assisted conception. Open yourself to the miracle of Life.

Digestive & Menstrual Health

Painful periods? Feeling constantly bloated?  Reignite your body’s natural healing response with Arvigo® Abdominal Therapy and Yoga. Learn lifelong skills to maintain balance.

Pregnancy & Babies

Prepare for birth and embrace early motherhood with supportive group Yoga classes and divinely therapeutic  Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Therapy.

Hi! I am Lon.

I am passionate about helping women like you find ways to look after yourself so you can excel in being fabulous! Whether you need support on your journey to motherhood or whether you are a new mum half insane with sleep deprivation needing to be reminded of what a fab job you are doing…

…you are all amazing and wherever you are on your journey you deserve to be honoured and nurtured.


Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. When I came to you I was in so much pain and the treatments provided relief and understanding of this belly of mine!! It has taught me how to nurture myself as a woman.

Zoe B