Mindful Movement for Menopause

Saturday 25th January 2020 4.30-6.30pm @ Jiva Health Wimbledon

Mindful Movement for Menopause


An educational workshop looking at yoga and mindful movement to sensitively accommodate the body’s changing needs as we age. Challenging the negative mindset around menopause.  Discovering an energetic & nurturing way through.  

We are getting much better at talking freely about periods and fertility, but the next transformational time of a woman’s life is still brushed aside, laughed about or mentioned in hushed tones.  Let’s be the generation that changes that.  

In this 2 hour workshop with Lon understand the physiological changes that your body goes through during peri-menopause and menopause. Learn knowledge based, sustainable movement practices to help

  • balance your hormones
  • reduce stress
  • improve sleep
  • maintain strength and bone density
  • embrace a positive mindset

2 hour workshop

£25 (or £20 for Jiva Health members)