Autumn Unwind

Restorative workshop on Saturday 10th October 2020 4.45-6.45pm in studio, livestream & recorded @ Jiva Health Wimbledon


A mini retreat in the studio or from the comfort of your own home


Autumnal transitions are naturally internalising.  It is a perfect time to turn inwards, to harness the richness, ripeness and energy of summer, to sustain us through the winter months.  I love this time of year, the golden colours, the warm intensity of the sunlight and the fresher air.

Tap into this energy with two hours of grounding Restorative and Yin yoga, enhanced with pranayama and Yoga Nidra.  The emphasis will be on conserving energy, stoking the digestive fire & creating clear intentions for the autumn and winter.

Come into the studio to feel cocooned and safe, or create your own sanctuary at home.  As always in my relaxation workshops, we will integrate the use of sankalpa (positive affirmations), which give you the opportunity to sow the seeds of growth and change for the coming months. 

4.45-6.45pm Saturday 10th October 2020 @ Jiva Wimbledon in studio, livestream or recorded – booking here £25 (£20 for members)

Feedback from recent mini retreats / workshops

Many thanks for the great workshop today.  I really needed to let go some tensions and anxiety and bring back some love and positivity. It helped a lot.  I really relax with the yoga nidra and I enjoyed the humming, I find it very soothing.


Thank you, that was really lovely… feeling a whole lot better!


Thank you Lon for the wonderful workshop. It did me the world of good in terms of being grounding, soothing and nurturing.