Yoga Nidra & Pranayama for Deep Relaxation

Saturday 30th March 2019 4.30-6.30pm Wimbledon @ Jiva Health


Yoga Nidra and Pranayama for Deep Relaxation


We continue to dive deeply into the nourishing practices of Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Pranayama (breathing practices).  This workshop will be a Journey into the Heart Space.  As the days are getting longer and we leave the darkness of winter behind, so it is time to lead with the heart, bringing into being your wishes for the year and laying to rest any unwanted emotional baggage.

Yoga Nidra is the most profound tool for deep relaxation and rest. Studies have shown that one hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours sleep, rebalancing you physically, mentally and emotionally. Pranayama techniques are widely used to manage emotional and mental stress.

Come and unwind among fairy lights and candles for a journey deep into your heart space.

I am lucky enough to have spent many years benefitting from the calming and grounding techniques of Yoga Nidra and Pranayama and for most of us this is the area we need to explore more deeply.  Deep nourishing rest is crucial to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Take time out to turn inwards, replenish your energy and leave feeling refreshed and ready for Spring.


4.30-6.30pm Saturday 30th March 2019 @ Jiva Wimbledon – booking here