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Daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts...


Whether you are a high flying executive, a new mum or feeling menopausal, all women have one thing in common.  We need to understand our body’s natural rhythms and learn to look after ourselves.  How many times have you felt the need to suppress your unique feminine qualities? To quash your period pains or hot flushes or crashing tiredness?


Be nurtured and supported...


Get educated. Get empowered.  Love it or hate it, our major life transitions, as women, are defined by our hormones. From puberty, through our fertile years, pregnancies, or no pregnancies, miscarriages, births, motherhood, or not motherhood,  into the confusion of peri-menopause and the apparent desert of menopause, the delicate balance of our hormones require understanding and respect for life to flow.


Reconnect to your deep feminine wisdom to live your fullest life


By regularly practising yoga, receiving Arvigo treatments and learning simple self care strategies become one of the many women who have achieved their goals  – from reducing bloating and pain during their periods, to fulfilling their dreams of pregnancy, managing the energy swings of menopause.


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Hello, I am Lon. I have spent many years exploring and developing bodywork and yoga techniques and how they relate specifically to women. I am here to support you wherever you are in your life , to feel good in your body and have the energy to create a life you love.


Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. When I came to you I was in so much pain and the treatments provided relief and understanding of this belly of mine!! It has taught me how to nurture myself as a woman.

Zoe B