Hello, I am Lon, thank you for visiting my website.

My mission is to help you feel great in your body and have the energy to create a life you love.

I have spent many years exploring and developing bodywork and yoga techniques.

I believe yoga and natural movement exercises are a truly sustainable way to look after your physical, mental and emotional health.

I direct my expertise into two key areas:

Women’s Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Work

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Nurturing vibrant health using movement, bodywork and breath.

Thank you as always for very valuable and much appreciated classes Lon. You have been a saving grace throughout this pandemic.

Tina R

Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. When I came to you I was in so much pain and the treatments provided relief and understanding of this belly of mine!! It has taught me how to nurture myself as a woman.

Zoe B