Pelvic Floor Health: Pelvic Power

Connect – Release – Energise – Engage: Autumn/Winter 2018 dates TBC

I have no pelvic floor workshops scheduled at the moment, but do come along to any MUTU or Spiral Stabilization class as both these methods are excellent for addressing pelvic floor imbalance.  Private sessions also available!


The pelvic floor muscles provide an invaluable girdle of support, working harmoniously with the surrounding muscles in the legs, buttocks, back and abdomen.  We need this support in movement, and it definitely helps us to get more from yoga and Pilates. A strong foundation is also important mentally and emotionally.

But as with any other muscles, the pelvic floor muscles can get out of balance which affects performance and function.  Pressure from poor posture, prolonged sitting, lifting, chronic constipation, pregnancy, birth and repetitive exercise are just some of the things that can weaken our pelvic muscles and lead to subsequent problems such as incontinence, pain, painful sex, prolapse, weakened abdominal muscles and potential back problems.

This workshops will introduce you to a part of your body that is not usually talked about … but it really should be! Learn about YOUR anatomy, relax and stretch the muscles and then work to engage the muscles in co-ordination with the supporting muscles. Kegels, that isolate the pelvic floor are only part of the picture and can actually do more harm than good.  Integrate what we have learned into movement and everyday activities.


  • 2 hour workshop with experienced women’s health practitioner
  • Handouts for reference and further practice at home
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • £25 (or £20 for Jiva Health members)

Pelvic Power: Knowledge is Power!

Connect – Release – Energise – Engage


  • Pelvic floor anatomy: map your pelvic floor
  • Understand how posture and breathing affect your pelvic floor function
  • Troubleshoot areas such as pain or imbalance or dysfunction
  • Effective ways to relax and rebalance the muscles
  • Integrating abdominals, glutes and leg muscles for fully effective pelvic floor
  • Dietary, self care & lifestyle guidelines to support pelvic floor health
  • Handout with key information including resources for extra help should you need it
  • Home practice


2018 dates TBC – do look also at my Yoga for Women series 2018

@ Jiva Health Wimbledon, SW19 7NH

£25 (or £20 if you are a member of Jiva Health)

Women only. Suitable for all women at all stages of life.

Thanks for your excellent workshop today which I found helpful and informative. It is very interesting to note the connection of the Levator Ani to the Transverse Abdominus. Lots to think about!