Pregnancy & Birthing Workshops

Birth Preparation with Lon: 3.30 – 5pm @ Jiva Earlsfield next 2019 date TBC soon


90 minute workshops packed with useful tips and information

Build confidence in your body & your baby

A chance to explore & discuss in more depth than is possible in the Pregnancy Yoga classes

Handouts for reference and further practice and home

An opportunity to ask questions

Refreshments provided

Applying Yoga in Labour & Birth


  • Key ways to prepare you body for the birth of your baby
  • Overview of the ‘stages’ of labour & the hormonal journey
  • Birth plans? Helpful or not? Staying open minded and present.
  • Understanding labour & birth in a creative way
  • Applying yoga poses to different stages and scenarios (creating more space in pelvis etc)
  • Breathing & relaxation techniques that can be useful to stay focussed and calm
  • Tips for your partner so that he/she can support you in a relaxed way
  • Handout with key information

Sunday 3.30 – 5pm @ Jiva Health Earlsfield, Waynflete St SW18

Next 2019 date TBC confirmed soon, but if you are looking for a workshop over the summer, I highly recommend Nadia Raafat’s workshop on 20th July

£30 to book in advance

Please get in touch to book, as spaces are limited. Thank you!


Thank you so much for the birth preparation class. I really enjoyed it and came away feeling a lot more informed.

I really enjoyed the birthing class. Going through the daily exercises were great to know, making more room for baby which I hadn’t realised I needed to do before and ways to help baby get into better position. Came away with a better understanding of the different stages of brith and the notes have really helped refresh it all!