Invest in Rest: summer reset

a nourishing and nurturing Yoga workshop

@Jiva Health Wimbledon 20th July 2024

I always sleep so well after your workshops!

In studio workshop

Yoga to soothe the brain & the nervous system

Rest is essential and yoga provides a wealth of opportunity to explore rest in various ways. Gentle, slow movement, longer held yin or restorative poses, breath awareness, breathing practices (Pranayama), meditation, visualisation and Yoga Nidra can take us to a place of inner peace and quiet, providing a deeply nourishing recharge for body, mind & spirit.

We might think of relaxation as the icing on the cake, but in fact it is the foundation.  From a rested place we find clarity, energy, insight and purpose.  Without it we become disconnected and exhausted. Relaxing deeply is a life skill and can help reduce physical and mental tension, improve sleep and increase our resilience to stress.

Take time to pause and reset. To be. To breathe. To invest in rest.

Saturday July 20th 3-5 pm at Jiva Health Wimbledon – a beautiful and well-equipped studio in the heart of Wimbledon.   £30 or £25 for Jiva Members.

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