“Working from Home” 101!

A yoga & wellbeing workshop to optimise your “working from home” experience

Saturday 24th April 2021 3-5pm livestream & recorded @ Jiva Health Online


Make your “working from home” so much better!


Ease stiff neck & shoulders   – improve your concentration – increase your energy levels


3-5pm Saturday 24th April 2021 @ Jiva Wimbledon, livestream or recorded – booking here £25 (£20 for members)

Are you feeling increasingly slouched over and stiff in your neck and shoulders?  Have you developed aches and pains in the last year that you never had before?  How are your energy levels?  Are you sleeping ok?  Are you worrying all the time?  Are you feeling sluggish and lacking in motivation?

Working from home is not going away any time soon!  Maybe you love it!  Many have embraced this new way of life and have no intention to return to the office full time.  But others are struggling with it.  Perhaps you live alone and really miss the social interaction of your work colleagues?  Maybe you are not very good at creating boundaries around work time and leisure time, so you can’t find a way to switch off?  Maybe you are bored of your own four walls and need a change of scene?!

Whether you love working from home or hate it, or are just enduring it, a few simple changes in your home working environment can make a massive difference to how you feel physically, mentally & emotionally.


In this 2 hour workshop:

  • Explore various desk set up ideas – sitting & standing
  • Get clear on good posture & alignment
  • Do yoga and micro moves to target the usual areas of stiffness like the shoulders and lower back
  • Have fun with some whole body moves that you can do while you are boiling the kettle
  • Learn to step back with simple breathing and mindfulness tips


Feel less tension in your neck & shoulders

Be more motivated to move in little bite sized chunks throughout the day

Notice how calm and yet energised you can become in a short space of time.

Feel better in your body, clearer in  your mind.


3-5pm Saturday 24th April 2021 @ Jiva Wimbledon, livestream or recorded – booking here £25 (£20 for members)


Creating a desk set up that allows you to sit or stand with great alignment will make you feel heaps better!  Yes, it can be that simple.

Feedback from recent mini retreats / workshops

Thank you Lon for the wonderful workshop. It did me the world of good.


Thank you, that was really lovely… feeling a whole lot better!


Many thanks for the great workshop today.  I really needed to let go some tensions and anxiety.