A Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra workshop for Resilience

28th May 2022 4-6pm @ MA&Y Earlsfield

In studio workshop


I am delighted to be offering this workshop at MA&Y in Earlsfield, who have transformed what used to be a children’s soft play space into a gorgeous light filled yoga and martial arts studio.  The theme of Resilience is one I come back to again and again because we are all affected by stress to a greater or lesser degree and to build coping strategies is not only important but powerful.

Stress is a normal and essential part of life. Resilience is a measure of how we handle stress. Restorative yoga practices like yin yoga and yoga nidra are excellent stress management skills, vital for building and maintaining physical, mental and emotional resilience. The nervous system is designed to react and then recover. It is how well we can switch between these two states that is the key.  These slower and more relaxing techniques have a calming effect directly on the nervous system and allow a more easeful switching on of the parasympathetic response. Practised regularly, they build resilience by widening the ‘window of tolerance’ between reacting to and recovering from a stressful or traumatic incident. 

Yin yoga is slow, with poses being held for 2-5 minutes, giving time for the body and mind to relax. Some props may be used to ensure comfort rather than effort. Yoga Nidra is a very deep relaxation practice, usually practised lying down, which takes you to the liminal place between being awake and being asleep, a healing space.  Whether you may be new to these techniques or already familiar with them, do not miss two hours of nourishing and relaxing yoga. Learn ways to continue building resilience through your own practice at home and gain life-long skills of self regulation. Please come wearing warm layers and bring eye shades, so you can allow comfort to deepen your experience.

Saturday 28th May 4-6pm. £35 (or £25 for members).  Book here.

MA&Y (Earlsfield Martial Arts & Yoga) is on Magdalen Rd, just opposite Sainsbury’s local. A 1 minute walk from Earlsfield Station and all the buses on Garratt Lane.