Fertility Support

I embrace working with women and their partners wherever they may be on their Fertility Journey.  My aim is to equip you to be ready to receive your baby physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, whether that is through natural or assisted conception.

I wish I could offer you a magic cure to your fertility challenges, but what I can do is help you to understand what is going on in your body. I can help you connect with yourself and befriend your moon cycles and your Fertility. I’ll deeply and therapeutically massage your belly and lower back to reduce tension and increase circulation. I’ll teach you a self fertility massage and yoga practices to bring your body back into balance. You’ll learn how to chart your cycles, use castor oil packs and  how other supportive measures like Acupuncture may be your missing link. Most importantly, I will be a listening ear along the way – and if you do lose faith, I’ll provide a gentle reminder to connect in with yourself and trust the wisdom of your body and be in the flow of life.

Thank you for all your help. It’s been invaluable. It really made me think of the emotional and spiritual side of my journey, I thank you for that.


Fertile Foundation

Before you even try to conceive, you would be well advised to spend 3-9 months preparing yourself for this major miracle of life.  Did you know that what you eat today will affect the quality of your eggs or sperm in 3 months time? And it is not only food, but also our wider exposure to toxins and even our thoughts and emotions that have a major impact on the health of the egg and sperm, and therefore on our future babies.  Take time to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Fertility Doula

Need extra support? As a Fertility Doula I am there for you along your Journey. Not just in the appointments we have but also via email or on the phone in between appointments.  This journey can be hugely emotional and to have someone to call or email who has your best interests at heart and believes in you is invaluable. Let me encourage you stay present to your experiences, welcome the challenging moments and connect to the bigger picture of life.


3 tips to Boost your Fertility:
Eat freshly prepared, nutrient dense food,
take Exercise that nurtures and relaxes you
& get to Bed by 10pm (without your phone!)

Details & Prices

The way I can best support you at this time is to work together as a team, over an initial 3 month period.  Ongoing support can be in 3 0r 6 monthly programmes, or as individual, ad hoc sessions.

Getting Started

£325 (1 x 120min & 2 x 75 min)

Moving forward – ongoing session booked in 3s or 6s to more efficiently & economically meet your needs

60 mins: £225 for 3; £420 for 6

75 mins: £280 for 3; £525 for 6

90 mins: £335 for 3; £630 for 6


Individual session prices if you prefer more flexibility:

1st appt £160

Follow ups:

60 mins £80

75 mins £100

90 mins £120


75 min appointments £90

90 min appointments £110

More info & FAQs

Often the first time I see a woman it is because she has discovered she has endometriosis or PCOS and has been told this is getting in the way of conception. Sometimes there is no ‘known reason’ for fertility challenges.

What the doctors don’t tend to focus on are the emotional, mental and spiritual components.  This is where Arvigo Therapy differs.  The tools we have can address physical conditions and discomfort, but it goes deeper and wider than that, facilitating healing on all levels.

What a gift to have time to find balance in your preparation to conception.  It is much harder to find time to do this once you are a mum!

What conditions have you seen in your practice?

Endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, Fibroids, painful periods, irregular cycles, lower back & sacral pain, high FSH, low AMH, recurrent miscarriage and unexplained cases.

Am I too young or old to be thinking about my fertility?

I believe age is only one factor in the whole fertility equation, so I don’t discriminate.  Every woman has a right to seek the support she needs and as a healer I work in that capacity.  There are never any guarantees, However, if you are destined to become a mother it will happen when you align your body, mind and spirit, let go of the control and let life literally move through you.

At what point in my menstrual cycle can I receive treatment?

Theoretically, at any point in the cycle but with my Fertility clients it makes more sense to see you after your period and before you ovulate.  In my 3 month programmes I see clients up to twice a month.  We have different needs at different points in the cycle and treatments are tailored accordingly.

Are there any contra-indications to receiving Arvigo Therapy for fertility?

Yes, if you have any of the following, now may not be the best time to seek treatment:

  • Acute infection in the abdomen or pelvis, or if you have a fever
  • Abdominal aneurysm
  • Hernia repair or pelvic floor surgery repair (modified treatment only)
  • After abdominal surgery, 6-8 weeks (maybe less if we have worked together in preparation)
  • If pain and discomfort do not diminish beyond the 6th treatment, including self care at home