Abdominal Therapy

unwinding the world, one belly at a time…

Abdominal Therapy

For Optimal Digestive and Menstrual Health

Do you feel bloated and uncomfy after eating?  Perhaps you dread your period and need to crawl under the duvet for 2 days? Or maybe you are rattling with antacids and painkillers to get through the day!  It’s crazy how much we put up with, isn’t it?

In fact pain is the body’s signal to the brain that something is wrong, yet many of us routinely ignore it.  I always thought it was completely normal to take painkillers for the first 2 days of my period. I never even questioned it. Until one day, when I listened to a talk on Abdominal Therapy.  Periods didn’t need to be painful? It sounded too good to be true, but on further reflection it made absolute sense to me that we need to move and massage and stimulate the whole abdominal area to find balance and health. I mean, we sit for HOURS every day, squashing most of our vital organs… and then expect them to function optimally?

Abdominal Therapy combines deep abdominal massage and back massage with dietary and lifestyle guidance to support women and men challenged with digestive, reproductive or urinary system complaints.  Arguably the most powerful part is the self care programme of  massage, breathing techniques, yoga postures and dietary and lifestyle changes which invites you to literally take your healing into your own hands.


About Abdominal Therapy

…unwinding the world one belly at a time…

Abdominal Therapy is rooted in techniques passed down through many generations of traditional healers in Central America.  Rosita Arvigo brought it to the West directly from Don Elijio Panti, a Mayan Healer who worked all his life healing with hands on techniques and herbal remedies.

It is a deeply releasing, non-invasive, external massage of the abdominal organs and lower back.  It stimulates the flow of blood, lymph, nerves and chi through the abdominal and pelvic region, having wide reaching effects throughout the whole system.  Organ function may be improved and physical and emotional congestion may be eased.

Encouraging self responsibility is central to the holistic principles of this treatment and requires you to engage in the healing process.

While most clients will come to this therapy to address a particular condition, you do not need to have any symptoms to benefit from the healing nature of this work, remembering always that prevention is better than cure!

What Abdominal Therapy can help with

Abdominal Therapy has been used to address many common complaints including constipation, indigestion, IBS, skin conditions, varicose veins, lower back pain, and migraines.

It is traditionally used to support women at all stages of life balancing the function of the reproductive system thereby addressing such things as painful or irregular periods, PMS, prolapse of bladder or uterus, fertility challenges, fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, hysterectomy preparation or recovery and menopause.

The techniques are also modified for used during pregnancy and in the postnatal period to restore energy and vitality. Postnatally it is possible to address pelvic floor issues, stress incontinence and mild prolapse.

I just wanted to say thank you again for introducing me to these mayan massages as really it is just revolutionary! I feel like a new person today – again! Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you for being so good at what you do and so dedicated to making your treatments so effective, personalised and spoiling!

Ready? ... What to expect

Phone consultation to establish whether this is the right approach for you.

First appointment

  • Medical & lifestyle history to be completed and returned prior to first appointment
  • First appointment length 90-120 mins to include:
    • Comprehensive discussion of your medical history
    • Abdominal therapy treatment to the belly and lower back
    • Self Care massage – YAM (Your Abdominal Massage) routine taught (and revised on subsequent visits)
    • Lifestyle and dietary suggestions when appropriate
  • Follow up email with details of suggestions discussed in appointment
  • Video of self care massage
  • £150 

Follow up appointments

  • Follow up appointments 6o mins to include:
    • Comprehensive review of any changes or questions that have arisen
    • Review of self care massage
    • Introduction to other self care modalities as appropriate such as Castor Oil packs
    • Full Arvigo treatment
    • Follow up email with further suggestions as needed
    • £90

I use towels, drapes, blankets and bolsters to ensure your total privacy, warmth and comfort.  I work with a range of different oils – Sweet Almond, Calendula, Grapeseed and Coconut, organic where possible.

How many treatments will I need?

I suggest 3 sessions in order to see if the combined approach of therapy and self care is helping your situation.  If it is a digestive complaint we are working with, then spacing these sessions every 2 weeks is optimal.  If it is reproductive (women) – we work around your menstrual cycle, so the spacing is usually monthly.

Many clients continue to have sessions on a monthly or bimonthly basis as an integral part of their approach to health and wellness.  There is no hard and fast rule, but on the whole whilst one session can feel great, you will get a much better sense of how it is working for you if you start off with 3 sessions.


£150 1st appointment (1.5 hours)

£90 follow ups (1 hour)

Payment is taken in advance and I will send you a link once we have arranged the appointment.

When & where
Appointments available at Jiva Health in Wimbledon, SW19 7NH.

Please contact me directly for availability.

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