About Lon

I draw on the freedom of yoga and movement, the grace of massage and the essence of being a doula to provide nurturing, educated and non-judgemental support to women.

When I began studying holistic massage over twenty years ago, one of my teachers said to me: ‘this is just the beginning of the journey…’

I smiled and thought that she was talking about the journey of becoming a massage therapist but now I understand that when we delve into the connections of body, mind and spirit the journey never ends.

From a young age I was fascinated by how the body works, and how to help when things go wrong (my family nickname was ‘Nurse Gibbons’ as I was always at the ready with a plaster or bandage when anyone got hurt!!).  I very nearly went into nursing! Instead Massage and Yoga have give me the tools to help clients improve and maintain health and equilibrium. The belly really is the key to health – good digestion & balanced menstrual cycles go a very long way to improving and maintaining overall health and wellbeing, hence specialising in Abdominal Therapy.

I reluctantly participated in sport, feeling embarrassed by my inaccurate throws and catches or lack of pace.  Ironic then that I have made a career out of moving and inspiring others to move!  I discovered yoga in my mid 20s and found something that I could relate to.  Movement at my own pace and without competition.  At different times I have embraced various styles from Restorative to Astanga to Bikram, but always my heart is with a Hatha practice – this is my foundation for teaching, and it becomes slower and more intentional with the years.  But the labels don’t matter and certainly don’t let that put you off.  It is all about how it makes you feel.  In addition to yoga, I teach Spiral Stablization, which is the most amazing exercise system for all over strength but also for specific spinal and joint issues, like scoliosis and slipped discs. I am continually inspired by different movement practices which add depth to my physical yoga practice and teaching.

The more I see, the more I understand how movement and gut health are our baselines for health, whether you move your whole body in a yoga practice, or concentrate on moving the tissues and organs in the abdomen with Abdominal Therapy.

And so the journey continues …

So, so grateful for all that you do and all that you are.  You’ve added so much warmth, comfort and love to a challenging journey and made it all worthwhile.

Chris C

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