Group Classes Online

MUTU System: Wed 10am  – Beginners & Alignment Yoga: Thurs 10am – Pregnancy Yoga: Sun 5.30pm



Private classes online plus recording*

Yoga, Spiral Stabilization, MUTU.
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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga with alignment & biomechanics focus.

Thursdays 10am ONLINE class @ Jiva Health

Lay down healthy foundations and explore poses with a fresh perspective.  A steady and nurturing class aligning everything from your feet to your breath, so your mind can let go and relax. Suitable for beginners and more experienced students.

Pregnancy Yoga

Calming and strengthening yoga for pregnancy and birth.

Sundays 5.30pm ONLINE class @ Jiva Health

Practising yoga in your pregnancy gives you an opportunity to build confidence in yourself physically, mentally & emotionally, ease common pregnancy discomforts and connect in a unique way to your baby.



MUTU System

The award winning postnatal fitness programme.

Wednesdays 10am ONLINE class @ Jiva Health

Reconnect to your core & pelvic floor.  Feel strong, stable & connected. Challenge yourself with HIIT style workouts. Relevant for all women, especially postnatal and peri-menopausal.

Private Classes

Individually tailored classes vailable for Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy & Mum and Baby Yoga, MUTU and Spiral Stabilization. A wonderful chance to deepen your practice or explore something new.  1-2-1 or practice with a friend and share the cost (each in your own home!). *Option to record the session so you can repeat it later in the week.

From £60 per hour in your home via Zoom. Please contact me to enquire about availability.

Spiral Stabilization

Simple, effective exercise system for improving posture and back pain. Private classes available via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.  In this time of social distancing and staying indoors more than normal, this is a perfect exercise to keep up your strength and mobility.

From £60 per hour in your home via Zoom. Please contact me to enquire about availability.

I am so glad I did the yoga course again this time, the ease of my labour was helped by what I learnt both physically and psychologically.

Pregnancy yoga

Lon is a helluva yoga teacher! Her classes are addictive!
Gina PT

9 years in yoga and counting