Perimenopause and Menopause wellbeing


Wellbeing Workshops for Perimenopause & Menopause


Knowledge is power.  When we know the facts and understand what is happening, in any aspect of life, this is empowering.  It is from this place of embodied knowledge that we can make informed decisions and grow. In this workshop:

  • Come together as a group of women and realise you are not alone and not going mad!
  • Understand the physiological changes your body goes through in your 40s and 50s (predominantly)
  • Learn about the symptoms that you may experience (not just hot flushes!!)
  • Discover a yoga practice that can support and nurture you at this time
  • Learn about other wellness approaches that may help
  • Debunk some myths around HRT (hormone replacement therapy)
  • Leave feeling heard and supported
  • Take away a short yoga practice to do at home
  • Feel more knowledgeable and confident to seek help if you need it
  • Know where you can go to continue a peri-menopause informed yoga practice

Every woman from her early 40s needs this information!  If I knew in my early 40s what I know now (early 50s), it would have saved me a huge amount of angst and money!   The average age for menopause (when your periods have stopped for a year) is 50-51 in the UK, but this doesn’t happen overnight!  Perimenopause is the time before you cross the threshold and can last from 2-8 years!  From your mid 40s your hormone levels start to fluctuate and can cause wide ranging symptoms, from hot flushes, to joint pain, brain fog and anxiety.  Some women are so badly affected they have to stop working, which can have a devastating effect on self confidence and relationships.

Did you know that heart disease is the biggest killer of post menopausal women*? Do you know how menopause affects your bone health and what you can do about it? We need to feel confident to keep moving!  And we may need to change up the movement routines and patterns of our 20s and 30s.

We are getting much better at talking freely about puberty, periods, sex and fertility, but the next transformational time of a woman’s life is still brushed aside, laughed about or mentioned in hushed tones.  Let’s be the generation that changes that. Challenge the negative mindset around menopause.  Discover an energetic & nurturing way through.  

*Tandon, VR, Mahajan, A, Sharma, S Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women: a rural study. J Midlife Health 2010; 1: 2629.

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It was a very nurturing and explorative workshop.


I loved Lon’s knowledgeable and inclusive approach, as well as her pragmatic suggestions