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Thank you for joining up to my blog and mailing list. To get you started on your path to better self care, here is a 20 minute relaxation track for you based on the yoga practice of Yoga Nidra (translates as Psychic Sleep).
I recorded this when I was  living and working in New Zealand … so I may sound a little Kiwi-fied!!
Find a comfortable place to relax – traditionally on the ground stretched out in Savasana (Corpse Pose, as in photo) but you can do this lying in bed or on the sofa or legs up the wall…. somewhere you can remain comfortable and warm for 20 minutes. If you have trouble sleeping try it at night as you are going to bed…

Regular practice of relaxation, yoga nidra or meditation reduces stress and creates more mental space.

Create your ultimate relaxation with one of my handmade eyepillows.

Filled with lentils and lavender (home grown when possible), in a removable and washable cover.  The cover materials are sourced from preloved natural fabrics. £15 plus p&p.