Class & workshop recordings

Recordings available to buy:

These are recorded from the live zoom classes.  Please note when you see the confirmation page of your sale, you will see a download link – which doesn’t work!  Don’t panic! The class link is sent in the confirmation email!

80 minute class recordings: 10 minute introduction giving information about the specific symptoms & approaches that may help followed by the yoga class
Feb 19th
Aggression & irritability

A heat relieving practice to expel aggression & irritability and other 'hot' emotions.

Feb 12th
Insomnia & low mood

Yoga to promote better sleep and improve your mood.

Feb 5th
Midriff weight gain

Yoga to energise, boost metabolism & help shift stubborn weight gain.

Jan 29th
Hot flushes

Yoga to cool, strategies to cope both day & night.

Jan 22nd
Anxiety & Overwhelm

Yoga to soothe anxious thoughts and focus the mind.

Jan 15th
Strength & Stamina

A yoga practice to improve bone health and muscle strength, boosting your stamina and immunity.

Dec 18th
Stress & sleep

December is a stressful time for most of us, and as stress levels rise it can play havoc with already disrupted sleep.  A practice to soothe, calm and revitalise.

Dec 11th
Boosting metabolism

As the metabolism slows down it can affect digestion & encourage weight gain.  Practices to keep this in check.


45- 60 minute class recordings

March 12
Restore Yourself 1

Restorative practices for anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm.

Friday 12th March 9.30am.

45 mins

via Zoom - live & recorded

March 19
Restore Yourself 2

Restorative practices for anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm.

Friday 19th March 9.30

45 mins

via Zoom & recorded