Yoga in Earlsfield & Wimbledon

Yoga & healing movement: Thurs 6pm – Pregnancy: Sun 5.30pm – Yin: Sun 7pm – Mum & Baby: Mon 11.15am

I am so glad I did the yoga course again this time, the ease of my labour was helped by what I learnt both physically and psychologically.


Pregnancy yoga

Lon is a helluva yoga teacher! Her classes are addictive!
Gina PT

9 years in yoga and counting

Beginners Yoga and Yin Yoga

Yoga for Beginners, Thursdays 6pm Wimbledon.  Deliciously relaxing Yin, Sundays at 7pm, Earlsfield.

Beginners Yoga: Thurs 6pm

For complete beginners, those who have been away from the mat for a while, or those who like to go deeper into their yoga foundations.  This class is ongoing but will have a rolling programme so that after several weeks you will feel more confident to try other classes if you want to.

Yin Yoga: Sun 7pm

Sundays 7 – 8.15pm

Current course 7th January – 18th March 2018,

£137.50 for 11 weeks, booking open now

£15 drop in

Jiva Health Earlsfield

St Andrew’s Church Hall, Waynflete Street,Earlsfield SW18 3QF

(see map below)


I teach a fluid form of traditional hatha yoga incorporating the elements of yoga postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama), meditation & deep relaxation (yoga nidra).  The breath guides the practice and leads to deep internal awareness, helping to release deep seated tension and restore vitality.

I am currently doing a biomechanics training with Nutritious Movement, which is subtley (yet radically!) changing the way I practise and teach.  For a taste of this, try my Yoga for Preservation class on Thursdays at 6pm.  Building a sustainable yoga practice.

The Yin classes combine long held (Yin/Restorative) poses with slow hatha flows to work more deeply on tension held in the fascia and the connective tissue around the joints. As it can be quite mentally challenging to work slowly, we focus on the breath and mindfulness practices throughout the class.

All levels welcome (& men welcome too!).

Pregnancy Yoga

Calming and strengthening yoga for pregnancy. Sundays 5.30pm Earlsfield.

Pregnancy: Sun 5.30pm

Sundays 5.30-6.45pm

Current course 7th January – 18th March 2018

This class is currently fully booked.  Please check in mid February to see if some drop in spaces have opened up.  Alternative classes you may attend are the Sunday 7pm Yin Yoga in Earlsfield and the Thursday 6pm Beginners in Wimbledon.  Jiva Wimbledon has specific pregnancy yoga on Friday and Saturday with the lovely Harri.

Additional Birth workshops approx once per term.  Next Birth Workshop Sunday 11th March 3.45-5.15pm


Jiva Health Earlsfield

St Andrew’s Church Hall, Waynflete Street,Earlsfield SW18 3QF

(see map below)


Practising yoga in your pregnancy gives you an opportunity to build confidence in yourself physically, mentally & emotionally, ease common pregnancy discomforts and connect in a unique way to your baby.

Pregnancy can be a time of emotional ups and downs and the breathing and relaxation help to bring perspective and balance.  The physical postures give a wonderful chance to move and open your changing body, making more space for  your internal organs and your growing baby (or babies!). Build strength, flexiblity and stamina and learn how the practices can be helpful in labour.

You can attend from 14* weeks to 42 weeks.  At the check in at the beginning of each class there is a chance to share experiences and ask relevant questions.  Every 2-3 weeks I read a Birth Story relevant to something we have been learning that week. You will receive handouts from time to time with more information about sound and breathing techniques that we learn, as well as information on self care appropriate to different stages of your pregnancy, ie perineal massage from 34 weeks.  In addition to the classes I teach 90 minute workshops on Yoga for Birth approximately once per term (more info here).  I am also available for private Birth Preparation sessions for you and your partner at your home.

*If you have an existing yoga practice and want to start earlier than 14 weeks then please get in touch.

Mum & Baby Yoga

Restrengthen your core & pelvic floor. Have fun with your baby! Mon 11.15am, Earlsfield.

M&B: Mon 11.15am

Next course 8th January – 12th February 2018 Booking is via Jiva Health

£72 for 6 weeks, £14 to drop in


Jiva Health Earlsfield, please note classes held at Grove Pilates (different venue to Pregnancy Yoga):

Grove Pilates, 15 Smith’s Yard, Summerley Street, Earlsfield SW18 4HR

 (see map below)



In this time of huge shifts and changes, reconnect with yourself in your new post-birth body. Emphasis is on gently strengthening the body from the inside out, with particular attention to the pelvic floor, posture, back and core strength.

Your baby will be with you on your mat and some practices will involve the babies too.  Learn baby massage techniques to settle your baby, baby yoga stretches to comfort them, and use songs, sounds and rhythms to engage with them.  Learn from your baby about movement and the cues from your baby about how they are feeling and how you relate to each other.

Concerned about your recovery?  We recommend attending from 6-8 weeks.  We check for a diastus gap in your abdominals and work on pelvic floor recovery to get you back into shape, avoid leaking when exercising or sneezing/coughing, plus closing tummy muscles.

Discuss other issues that maybe affecting you as a Mum, from routines, feeding and sleep issues.

Dads and carers very welcome.  Babies from 6 weeks old (as long as you have have your 6 week check from the GP and are allowed to exercise).

Private classes & small groups

Available for Hatha, Pregnancy & Mum and Baby Yoga.  Prices from £80 per hour in your home/office. Please contact me to enquire about availability.

Sunday Pregnancy & Yin


5.45-7pm Pregnancy Yoga

7.15-8.30pm Yin Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga


11.15am – 12.15pm

Mum & Baby Yoga

from 8 weeks