Menopause Yoga weekly classes

Fridays 9.30-11am from Sept 18th 2020 online (via zoom) & recorded

Moving mindfully towards menopause; week by week


Weekly classes offering a nurturing and supportive environment for women through all phases of the menopause, from peri-menopause through to post menopause.  Each class has a specific focus addressing certain symptoms that women experience.  Through yoga, movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation, learn how to manage these symptoms and find a positive way through. 


  • 90 min class Fridays 9.30-11am online via Zoom & recorded*
  • Book the class online, paying by Stripe, and I will email the link by 8am on the day of the class
  • Classes & blocks of 6 classes are non transferrable
  • Classes run in blocks of 6 and you can attend each class individually for £10 or book the 6 weeks for £50. 
  • Themes will recur, but classes will vary, each 6 week block will be different, so dip in and out or join every week.
  • *I appreciate that not everyone who wants to attend, will be able to make the time of the class, so there is a recorded option
  • T&Cs

5 x Menopause Yoga online classes NB only for these 6 classes:

Sept 25th - Bloating & weight gain;  Oct 2nd - Anxiety; Oct 9th - Releasing heat; Oct 16th - Brain fog & Oct 23rd - Stress & adrenal health

Sept 25th
Bloating & Weight gain

Yoga, breathing & meditation to boost sluggish digestion & help weight management.

Oct 2nd

Menopause Yoga, breathing & meditation to alleviate menopausal related anxiety.

Oct 9th
Releasing Heat!

Yoga, breathing & meditation to release physical heat from the body to combat hot flushes and night sweats.

Oct 16th
Brain Fog

Calming & grounding practice to focus the mind and address symptoms like brain fog & memory recall.

Oct 23rd
Stress & adrenal health

Adrenal health is crucial for an easier transition through menopause.  Yoga practices to balance and support the adrenals.

Nov - Dec

6 x weekly Menopause Yoga online classes, NB only these listed classes

Nov 9th - Strong Bones; Nov 13th - Fatigue & overwhelm; Nov 20th - Meno-rage!; Nov 27th - Joint pain & stiffness; Dec 4th - Boosting metabolism & Dec 11th Stress & sleep

Nov 6th
Strong Bones

Yoga to promote healthy bone density, addressing common issue of bone loss during menopause.

Nov 13th
Fatigue & overwhelm

Soothing and restorative practices to ease fatigue and alleviate the feeling of overwhelm.

Nov 20th

Heat not only builds in the body but also in the mind.  Anger, frustration and rage can take you off guard. Yoga helps with focus and channelling excess energy in different directions.

Nov 27th
Joint pain & stiffness

The drop in oestrogen can have a profound impact on our joints and muscles. Sometimes a gentle, nourishing practice is required.

Dec 4th
Boosting metabolism

As the metabolism slows down it can affect digestion & encourage weight gain.  Practices to keep this in check.

Dec 11th
Stress & sleep

December is a stressful time for most of us, and as stress levels rise it can play havoc with already disrupted sleep.  A practice to soothe, calm and revitalise.