Menopause Yoga weekly classes

Fridays 9.30-11am f online (via zoom) & recorded – current block 15th Jan – 19th Feb 2021

Moving mindfully towards menopause; week by week


Weekly classes offering a nurturing and supportive environment for women through all phases of the menopause, from peri-menopause through to post menopause.  Each class has a specific focus addressing certain symptoms that women experience.  Through yoga, movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation, learn how to manage these symptoms and find a positive way through. 


  • 90 min class Fridays 9.30-11am online via Zoom & recorded*
  • Book the class online, paying by Stripe, and I will email the link by 8am on the day of the class
  • Classes & blocks of 6 classes are non transferrable
  • Classes run in blocks of 6 and you can attend each class individually for £10 or book the 6 weeks for £50. 
  • Themes will recur, but classes will vary, each 6 week block will be different, so dip in and out or join every week.
  • *I appreciate that not everyone who wants to attend, will be able to make the time of the class, so there is a recorded option
  • T&Cs
Jan - Feb

6 x weekly Menopause Yoga online classes

15th January - 19th February 2021

Fridays 9.30-11am

Jan 15th
Strength & Stamina

A yoga practice to improve bone health and muscle strength, boosting your stamina and immunity.

Jan 22nd
Anxiety & Overwhelm

Yoga to soothe anxious thoughts and focus the mind.

Jan 29th
Hot flushes

Yoga to cool, strategies to cope both day & night.

Feb 5th
Midriff weight gain

Yoga to energise, boost metabolism & help shift stubborn weight gain.

Feb 12th
Insomnia & low mood

Yoga to promote better sleep and improve your mood.

Feb 19th
Aggression & irritability

A heat relieving practice to expel aggression & irritability and other 'hot' emotions.