Did you know that Downward Dog may help ease hot flushes?  

Come and find out how and why at the Mindful Movement for Menopause workshop on Saturday 25th January 2020.  4.30-6.30pm.  Bookings through Jiva Health

Does menopause conjure up images of being past your prime, shrivelled up like a prune and going completely batty?! It really doesn’t need to be this way!!  In fact, some women will sail through this transition with barely a ‘hot flush’.  Others will have varying degrees of symptoms that may be managed naturally or may need to be supported with medication and supplements. But like anything in life, if you are armed with information and understand what is happening in your body and take steps to prepare, it makes it a much more positive experience.  Like all the other cycles in a woman’s life, the transition through menopause is essentially driven by hormones.  And as hormones are transported via the blood, movement/exercise is vital. However, how you move may need to evolve and change.  

Menopause is when we have had no periods for one year.  But that doesn’t happen overnight (for most women).  Our hormones start to change and our cycles start to wind down for up to 9 years beforehand, this is what is known as peri-menopause.  And once we have stepped over the threshold and left our monthly cycles behind, it can take a while for the new hormone patterns to be fully established. 

Are you still cycling but want to know how best to prepare for the next transition in your life?  Perhaps your cycles have started to space out and you’ve noticed other things creep in like disrupted sleep patterns, feeling hotter etc.  Perhaps you have had an earlier menopause induced by treatment for cancer.  Wherever you are on this particular part of your hormonal evolution you are welcome in this workshop.  

Learn what happens physiologically in your body and to you brain (lots of GOOD stuff I promise, despite what you may have heard or read!).  Learn yoga poses that help to balance the hormones, strength practices that protect against potentially lower bone density and corrective/biomechanical movements to keep all parts of the body moving, supporting joint health and circulation.  And learn a lovely tummy massage to help with bloating.